1. Save the world

    Save the world

    After 50 years waiting for Lovers From The Sky to be finally released Trevor started thinking about what might have worked better? In this ‘sweet’ song Trevor introduces other words he might have sung if John Lennon hadn’t found Trevor’s original words on the back of a greasy menu.  ...

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  2. New Leaders In The Wings

    New Leaders In The Wings

    Even long after the war had ended, a new generation was still reared within the social and moral infrastructure of those who had fought during that horrendous confrontation. Yoko Ono was truly an innocent child during the time of atrocities committed by the Japanese military upon those they conquered. But...

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  3. Military Bands Rule

    Military Bands Rule

    Music is an excellent barometer of a people’s mood. My childhood days were replete of spending countless hours propped on deckchairs listening to military bands performing wartime hits, in fall martial style. Occasionally, we would stroll along the banks of the River Thames, where under bridge arches; skiffle bands would...

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  4. John Lennon Arrives

    John Lennon Arrives

    October 1940: The skies above England were filled with scores of attacking enemy aircraft. Liverpool was not spared. “Private Jenkins, what do you see above?” “Well sir, I see the moon.” “No you blithering idiot, what else? “Oh, you mean those nice fluffy clouds that the searchlights are shining at.”...

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  5. 1947 Happy Landings

    1947 Happy Landings

    The date was Saturday, December 13, the year 1947  and the time was 6 am. Trevor David Bannister arrived into this world. There would be a major culture shock ahead, but the world would just have to get over it. photo link My mother found the nearest transportation to rush...

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  6. Holland Park Secondary School

    Holland Park Secondary School

    My move to secondary school allowed me to better understand how society reached out to embrace new recruits into its system. Photo Credit & Link: Phillip Perry I lasted exactly one week in a boys’ only school before my first choice of attending the mixed Holland Park School belatedly came...

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  7. Living on the Dole

    Living on the Dole

    Lou Reizner had already chalked up success with such greats as Rod Stewart, David Bowie, and others, when Trevor was offered the chance to write a composition for a movie he was involved with. Living on the dole was a short song recorded by the Cimarons, a popular reggae band...

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  8. Chickery Chick Conspiracy

    Chickery Chick Conspiracy

    WARNING: DO NOT LISTEN TO FOLLOWING SONG THAT INCITES REBELLION AGAINST AUTHORITY! The Second World War had ended, John Lennon was nearly 5 years old. Was this one of his favourite songs that swept the charts in 1945? Photo Link Subversion was slowly penetrating into the vulnerable minds of a...

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