‘Lovers from the Sky’

Experience first hand, the incredible story behind Trevor’s meeting with John Lennon, and how he recorded songs at the Beatle’s recording studio and had compositions published through their musical empire. The journey weaves an amazing path through the 1960’s and beyond, which includes personal encounters with famous legends of the day! Enjoy an educational presentation filled with music, humour and much more.

‘Trail of the Ark’

How did Trevor’s search for a meaning behind the celestial beings on Lovers from the Sky lead towards a serious expedition to find the famous lost Ark of the Covenant, involving prominent archaeologists and even Hollywood movie producers? Trevor’s academic research and adventure on the Trail of the Ark present fascinating insights into the most challenging of Biblical mysteries. Live the adventure!

Note: Trevor is also known as David Bannister, as he plays an important role based in the Holy Land that is related to the search for the lost Ark, and the potential making of an associated documentary movie. Trevor’s qualified knowledge in this exclusive field has impressed leading Hollywood producers and prominent scientists. Upon request, his booking presentation can include sharing latest information regarding this exciting adventure.