1. John Lennon Arrives

    John Lennon Arrives

    October 1940: The skies above England were filled with scores of attacking enemy aircraft. Liverpool was not spared. “Private Jenkins, what do you see above?” “Well sir, I see the moon.” “No you blithering idiot, what else? “Oh, you mean those nice fluffy clouds that the searchlights are shining at.”...

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  2. 1947 Happy Landings

    1947 Happy Landings

    The date was Saturday, December 13, the year 1947  and the time was 6 am. Trevor David Bannister arrived into this world. There would be a major culture shock ahead, but the world would just have to get over it. photo link My mother found the nearest transportation to rush...

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  3. Chickery Chick Conspiracy

    Chickery Chick Conspiracy

    WARNING: DO NOT LISTEN TO FOLLOWING SONG THAT INCITES REBELLION AGAINST AUTHORITY! The Second World War had ended, John Lennon was nearly 5 years old. Was this one of his favourite songs that swept the charts in 1945? Photo Link Subversion was slowly penetrating into the vulnerable minds of a...

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