Icarus and a Pink Floyd Guitar

  “Angel on the wind” Written in 2016 is dedicated to a generation reaching out to the stars for help in finding a better path for mankind. Song Lyrics When I first saw you, an angel on the wind Knew something special, was about to begin, this is where it begins Soft lights surround me, […]

Meeting Hendrix

UFO was a favorite club and had to be the rallying point for our generation. Hippies would glide there, rather than consciously arrive in any standard mode of transport. It was a converted cinema that had probably seen better days, before being turned over to an audience that couldn’t tell which side of the screen […]

High Sea Cyclone

On February 23, 1988, the Fiji Meteorological Service’s Nadi Tropical Cyclone Warning Center (TCWC Nadi) started to monitor a shallow tropical depression that had developed within the South Pacific Convergence Zone, about 540 km (340 mi) to the north-northeast of Suva, Fiji. By March 4, Bola had completed the transition into an extra tropical cyclone, which turned […]