1. Icarus and a Pink Floyd Guitar

    Icarus and a Pink Floyd Guitar

      “Angel on the wind” Written in 2016 is dedicated to a generation reaching out to the stars for help in finding a better path for mankind. Song Lyrics When I first saw you, an angel on the wind Knew something special, was about to begin, this is where it...

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  2. Beatles & Stones Enter My Life

    Beatles & Stones Enter My Life

    I was just a second rate actor, the real leaders were beating their war drums. In the UK the Beatles ruled the north and the Rolling Stones dominated the south. Northerners always appeared to be more genuine, friendlier people. Southerners were more cool & reserved; keeping one’s distance was socially...

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  3. Runaways to Liverpool

    Runaways to Liverpool

    I was now on the verge of total rebellion against everything my life had to offer in London. An idea took shape of running away to join my friend Dean in America. I was still a preteen by just a few months to spare, and would need a lot of...

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  4. Overseas Adventure – Part 2

    Overseas Adventure – Part 2

    The downpour of rain was physically heavy, the cold was penetrating the outer layer of my sleeping bag, and lightening & thunder was disturbing my very being. Where was the pleasantness to be found in creation? The stronger the storm, the more intense I cried out in anger. I became...

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  5. Foreign Exploration

    Foreign Exploration

    Hitching a ride is a precise science. One just has to know where to position oneself, which facial expressions to adopt, and how to move the thumb in a hypnotic gesture; surely mastering this combination of skills would bring any motorist to a sudden stop. There again having good luck...

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  6. Meeting Hendrix

    Meeting Hendrix

    UFO was a favorite club and had to be the rallying point for our generation. Hippies would glide there, rather than consciously arrive in any standard mode of transport. It was a converted cinema that had probably seen better days, before being turned over to an audience that couldn’t tell...

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  7. Meeting My First Guitar

    Meeting My First Guitar

    Going abroad reminded me of our split house; we lived in two separate dimensions…a romantic life of traveling to truly exotic foreign ports and our more mundane but settled existence back home. We came to see new things, which I could certainly testify to so far on that holiday. However...

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  8. Leaving England

    Leaving England

    1965, what a year! Now in my late teens, the urge to move on got the better of me. Setting off with less than twenty pounds in my pocket and my ever-present guitar in hand, I had to find a way to survive overseas. Victoria Station was my gateway to...

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  9. Breaking Away

    Breaking Away

    As my hair continued its downward path…longer & wilder, so did my desire to find a more primitive living space. In my next visit to the coast a few of us separated from the pack to share caves overlooking the sea. My newfound friends were better acquainted with harsher conditions...

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  10. A School Break

    A School Break

    In the summer school vacation of 1964 I was fast getting out of control. Hiking by now was my favorite mode of getting around. My preferred destination was Bournemouth where a gathering society of young derelicts took to the beaches. I used stacked deckchairs to build a makeshift shelter under...

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