Songs from Apple era

Recorded at Trident Studios for Apple

Note: There is another songs recorded there, which needs to be found.

Lovers from the sky – Version 

Lovers from the sky – Version 2

Round and round (a psychedelic comic nightmare) 

Recorded at Apple Studios 

Note: There are other songs recorded there, which need to be found.

Rebels on the road 

Later Recordings

Dream lives on (Tribute to Lennon)

Angel on the wind

Living on the dole

Where there’s a will

World to come 

No place like home 

Added July

Recorded early 70’s

Lose these long time blues 

Note: Quite possible that this above track featured a known lead guitarist, and maybe Lenny from Motorhead on bass. Trevor on rhythm guitar and using session to work out a song.

Running from the law

Added August

Spell on you

This classic song was written by Screaming Jay Hawkins in 1956. This version was recorded in the late 1970’s. It features Trevor Bannister on vocal and guitar, Csongor Bertz on keyboard, John Strudwick on bass, and Christopher Harbord on drums.