Icarus and a Pink Floyd Guitar


“Angel on the wind” Written in 2016 is dedicated to a generation reaching out to the stars for help in finding a better path for mankind.

Song Lyrics

When I first saw you, an angel on the wind

Knew something special, was about to begin, this is where it begins

Soft lights surround me, wings brushed my hair

The ground slide beneath us, we were floating on air, but what did I care?

Fly upon the wind, when my angel called, to fly us where the wind blows, so high above it all.

Thought I was dreaming, was this for real? Truth had no meaning, whilst time stood still.

Looked out my window, to where I had been, the earth was my cradle, until your star had shone in.

Fly upon the wind, when my angel called, to fly us where the wind blows, so high above it all.

© 2013 Trevor Bannister – All Rights Reserved

On the social scene aside from musicians I also became connected with concert & event organizers who often sought my ideas and contacts. In early June 1967, Professor Paul Sandorff from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology devised a plan to destroy a giant meteor, thought to be on a collision course with Earth. The comet named Icarus, after Greek mythology, was at the very least scheduled to come close to our planet’s orbit. How cool! I got some close friends interested in paying our own respect to this slab of space debris, not really bothering if it was going to be blasted by scientists, or make a giant dent in the Sahara. So, one happening event we had to organize was a successful concert to commemorate the passing of this firebrand rock.

Our concert hosted popular new acts of the era, including the Fairport Convention. I guess my passion for colorful flying objects in sky had been aroused by the Northern Lights. I also performed at that event using a guitar given to me as a present by Syd Barratt, who was an initial member of the original Pink Floyd. Syd was a genuine voyager with us, and was more into the exploration side of music than the business end, at least from how I remembered him. However, I honestly don’t recall if he was actually playing on stage with me as I had my back turned to the wall throughout the gig. Those things were unimportant and took second place to making music, which took second place to caring if anyone was actually listening! Were we pulsating messages to Icarus, now that did seem important?

Icarus was then associated with the ‘Dawning of the Age of Aquarius’ or possibly not, but it was still a live happening worthy of our social attention. Maybe, we were paying homage to a visitation from a higher dimension, anyway our drug induced lifestyle could have happily continued without any external stimuli. But, social scenes are about events happening around you. So, Icarus provided an excellent opportunity to allow our inner consciousness to merge with the exterior. We all passionately tuned in to Icarus, although I have no recollection if anyone actually troubled looking up to the sky to see it?

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